NFL Wants To Ban Supplement Being Used By Professional Athletes

Shred Body Fat. Add Lean Muscle. The man pictured above is the perfect example of what this unknown supplement, AndroX is capable of, and why supplement retailers want it off the market.


The secret that supplement retailers don’t want you to know. The NCAA and Major League Sports have been lobbying law makers to ban a new supplement, called "AndroX"


The NFL’s main argument centers around a claim that the results are too “steroid-like,” even though the product has shown to have no negative side effects from several clinical trials ran by several independent research labs. The NBA and the MLB have also joined the NFL in this campaign.


What Supplements do Professionals Use?


INVESTIGATION – The NFL is the most physically demanding sports known to man. The best athletes in the world compete just 16 times a year, leaving everything they got out on the field. Player routine tip the scales at over 300 pounds, why still possessing track star speed. Players put their futures at risk in exchange for multimillion dollar contracts. With competition as high as it gets, it's no surprise that players will do ANYTHING to gain an edge out on the fields. That bring us to our next talking point.


Players like JJ Watt, Clay Matthews, and even Quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Cam Newton have been surrounded by questions recently regarding the possible use of certain ‘performance enhancing' products. They have made quite the name for themselves over the past few years in the NFL, and are regarded as the best players in the league. Their unbelievable talent brought to question how they could move so quickly, hit so hard, and run so fast. Usually in this situation, history has shown us, the use of performance enhancers is most likely the answer. That's exactly why we launched an investigation into "AndroX" a natural anabolic helping Athletes speed up their metabolism and pack on muscle fast.


‘Shocking’ Size And Strength Gains

Whether or not taking "Androx" should be considered “cheating” is the last thing on the minds of the thousand of athletes who have been using the muscle stack over the last few months.





"AndroX" is scientifically proven to:

HOW TO USE ANDROX                                

While there hasn’t been a conclusive dose established for laxogenin by researchers, anecdotal reports point to needing 50-100mg per day to really see noticeable size, strength, and recovery gains from it. For this reason, L3Nutraceuticals has included an impressive 100mg per daily serving of pure Laxosterone in AndroX, the highest dose of any laxogenin supplement on the market!

AndroX allows you to experience the true power of laxogenin by using state of the art compounding technology, full dosage, and affordable price. Other laxogenin supplements are plagued by low doses, outrageous price tags, and poor absorption. Each serving delivers a full 100mg dose of Laxosterone!

Apply nickel sized amount of cream topically to wrist 1-2 times daily. Use twice a day for maximum results

For athletes looking to forego the hormonal supplements route and maintain their natty status, laxogenin is a prime choice to bust plateaus and keep the gains rolling. It brings everything an athlete could want -- size, strength, recovery, performance, etc.